Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Worthy is the Lamb

I know who I am. I know where I've come from and where I've been. I know exactly how I got to be in this place.

What I don't know is who you are and how you got here too?

Do you think our meeting is by chance? Or do you believe it may have been orchestrated by someone, somewhere, higher and mightier?

God, I give you all the praise for my life and or any goodness that comes from it. Take away that which is not meant for me. Take away that which is not my charge. Increase that which is.

Thank you and Amen.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Supertramp, makes you wonder

I am very mindful today. I'm working on manifesting some more of what's been around me lately and enjoying the moment.

The moments have been sweet.

Take the last moment. I was listening to music I listened to a lot when I was younger. Practically wore the album out back then. Now of course it's a cd and it too, when I took it out of the case just now, looked smudged and beat up. Nonetheless, I popped it in and filled the house with it. It's on a cellular level....music that is.

Note: I wonder what music does to water, if anything? If thoughts can change it, what can music do?

Rudy, by Supertramp was one of my favorite songs from the Classics album back in the day - it still is but I'm listening to it now with ears that have matured somewhat so it's even better. I just love the storyline and the build up of music throughout and then they bring it back down to a simmer. Just like life she typed smiling.

Just now while listening it made me think of all the beautiful people I've met recently and how we're all so alike. We all get caught up in patterns of emotion and thought and repetitive, crippling, mind numbing, knee-jerk reactions to life. We somehow forget that we're in control and we have the ability to break patterns, process through emotion, forgive, have mercy, get stronger, overcome, be victorious in our lives - in all areas.

But you say 'I've got this to contend with' and 'I've got that'.
Yes, yes, I know. We all do.
We all have highs and lows and we all struggle at points in our lives.
The struggle is just as important as what we interpret as the blessings.

I do distinguish between them too. I thank God for the struggles and the blessings and I'm learning to be more mindful and when those struggles come, I try to ride that wave just like I ride the energy wave. It's all purposeful. It's all useful. Stop struggling against the inevitable tide of divine chaos and start accepting. Once you get into a place of acceptance, decision time comes shortly thereafter. What can you change about it? What are my choices? Is it really a struggle? What is a struggle anyway?

Was that illness that I recovered from a struggle?
Was failure that I recovered from a struggle?
The depression? The loneliness? all recovered from...were they struggles?

How are they so unique if we all experience them?
Do they have a higher purpose?
Do we have a higher purpose?
Are we evolving?
Are we awakening?

And then I remembered my dream from last night.

I was in a motorvehicle driving at night with a few friends and colleagues from my past. I looked up at the nighttime sky and noticed what looked like ufo's. There were a lot of points of white light moving across the sky together. They maintained their space apart and seemed to be flying in formation. I could see them crossing the sky and I could see some white clouds.

I got really excited in my dream and (I think I was in a bus at this point) I got up to join my friends and I said to one of them "Did you see those points of light - there was like a million of them"!

And my friend, who is the funniest dry humor guy calmly says smiling "Yes, I did. There was 500 of them". He was kinda mocking me because okay - maybe a million was exaggerating. Bill called me on it. It was funny stuff and very light hearted. There was no fear involved in this dream and my friend was of a sense of knowing - which was very cool.

At that point we looked back up at the sky and there were tons of white points of light moving. Then, all of a sudden, they became one. I kid you not.

They became one and disappeared behind the clouds.

That's all I remember.

In a moment, thinking about all of these beautiful souls listening to Rudy, a song about all of us, I remembered a dream that blows my mind. I love moments like these.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photography & Springtime Gratitude

(Photo taken by me...AC/NJ)

Today was a beautiful day and I am taking a minute to express how very grateful I am for it. Thank you God.

(Photo taken by me AC/NJ)

I wonder and I hope I'm not the only one, am I the only one? The only one bursting with joy? Thank you joy!

Seriously, I can't look out the window and not be grateful. I am so very grateful for even the smallest things...and no things at all. I am grateful for all things in between. I think I drove my husband nuts today. I think I did, but when I asked him, he just smiled and said no. No. He gets me after fourteen years. Lonnnng exhhhhale. I suppose he better.

Thank you Jimmy.

I found myself so appreciative for even the littlest things today. I saw an ant, a few bees, a dandelion...the first of 09 and was elated! I associated them with Spring and it was all good. I saw lots of budding plants, flowers, bushes, trees, birds, ducks. The breeze was warm with not a hint of a chill. Our cats were outside rolling around in the sunshine all day. They were filthy from rolling in the grass and sand and they had twigs and pine needles in their fur and it was awesome. A day well spent.

There was lots to be the ultimate observer about and even more to be grateful for.

(Photo taken by me from window in my Reiki Room)


God is great.

C'mon....who else can produce a sunset like this?

A feeling like this?

Gratitude like this.

We are all but a twinkling in His eye,
we are all but His reflection.

I haven't missed a sunset in a while now and I'm not planning on missing any in the future. I am purposefully slowing down for them. Jim and I are stopping whatever were doing and spending a few minutes....we're basking in the light of the setting sun, deliberately, together marveling at it's magnificent brilliance, offering prayers of gratitude and appreciation to the Most High God.
So very thankful. Besides, the mornings offer even more to be grateful for, and truthfully, from my innermost being, I, for one, cannot wait.

(photo taken by MP this morning - our neighborhood)
What are you thankful for?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Still Riding the Energy Wave

(Thank you Bergen Community College)

Today was a day. Well, they're all days - but today...one of my favorites.

I got to spend time with some young, beautiful, vibrant, glowing students at Bergen Community College. Professor Lisa Sargese invited me to give a talk on Reiki and I humbly accepted the invitation. The time seemed to fly. The energy in the room was exceptional. I prayed for these students long before I met them. I sent Reiki energy to each and every one of them. Honestly, I'm sitting here typing at 9:25 full of energy, still riding the wave.

I just realized that I had only eaten a small yogurt and a blueberry multi-grain bar today...and tons of water. I do fast from time to time - deliberately - but today I wasn't planning on it. I've barely eaten. I also realized that I'm getting much better at fasting. It seems that every since I've been attuned to Reiki energy, fasting is as easy as pie...no pun intended.

I am not hungry. I do not have a headache. I have a lot of energy. Do I feel like folding the laundry? No. But I could do it easily and mop the floors if I wanted to. I love that.

I love and am grateful for the opportunity to share. You know it really does come back to you tenfold. I never look for the yang of it...but when yin is in motion, yang is sure to follow. Call it karma, call it a boomerang...call it a chipmunk for all I care...it doesn't matter what label you put on energy. What flows from you, will return to you.
(Special thanks to LM)

What's in your energy?

Monday, April 13, 2009