Sunday, July 16, 2017

Let's Get Connected

What a powerful time we're living in.  So much has transpired, shifted and changed in such a short amount of time.  If you're like me, and you're doing your work, you have seen great progress in the clearing of your own energetic system.  We do not respond the same way anymore.  We are closely watching our own thoughts, reactions, and choices.  We choose the highest possible outcome for all involved now, and it's getting much easier.

Are you feeling this?  Are you still struggling to find your way?  Trust that there will always be challenges and friction to help us maintain our newly found perspectives.  Trust that you will overcome if you are patient, kind, and loving, mostly to yourself first.  This is all about you, my love. All of this has always been all about you.

I am setting an intention to blog more regularly as I am trying to expand my reach along with the lessons and teachings I've gained.  I have connected my Instagram Page and FaceBook Pages.  You can find me under EnergyReaderRee, or Reiki Master Ree.  Going forward, I am mostly interested in working with more of you on a regular basis, whether it is through Speaking, Teaching, Coaching, or Writing.  Today is the rebirth of all of this.  We need to keep going and growing, don't we?  We live in an amazing and expansive Universe.  We live on the edge.  Let's unite and create the world of our dreams.  Let's help one another return to what we have always been.

Thank you for your support.  My prayer is that you will always remember that you are the peace you are seeking.  It all resides inside.  It begins and ends with you.

You got this!

Come back and visit with me often.  I have created this space with all of us in mind.  I love us!

And, if you would like to book a healing session with me, whether it be via phone, or in person, feel free to email me at  Additionally, I am also accepting group speaking engagements with various topics including Heart Space Healing, Chakra Work, Meditation, Reiki, The Importance of Energy Medicine, and much, much more.  Whether beginners or advanced, these topics are customized for maximum impact.  In addition, I also offer Angel Card and Akashic Record Readings!  Contact me today to set something up.  I can not wait to work with you.

Namaste and with love and pure light always,
Maria Lynn