Friday, December 5, 2014

United We Stand

"This system will self destruct".  
"This system embodies the ego".
We Are From The Future - Next Stage:  Revolution of Love

I don't wonder as much as I'm challenged by some to reconsider my viewpoints, that perhaps I take things too far spiritually, and that my viewpoints are not realistic enough for the world we 'live' in.  I understand the confusion.  They think 'we' live in different neighborhoods, different worlds and different mindsets.  I get it.  There are plenty of 'differences' that create an illusion of separation, but I've never subscribed to that philosophy.  I've always had a deep sense and knowing that everything is connected, and that there has to be balance in this very chaotic world.  How else could humanity, nature, animals, and all living things have peace, love and harmony?  These things are basic universal rights for all beings in existence, not just a choice few. When things are out of balance, the chaos takes over as in our world today.  We're seeing that chaos mushrooming and reverberating through the whole system, all over the world.  The earth has never inhabited this many people, or this much money, or this much power, or this much corruption.  It's reaching epic proportions and it's becoming obviously more unstable.

For me, I stand firm, firm on the side of truth, peace, immense love, balance, kindness, humility, harmony, hugs, genuine smiling from happiness. . . where do you stand?

The time has long come for unity and common sense.  I pray as more things are revealed, more people will let go of fear and find their truthful voices, stand up and speak out with love, compassion and courage.  We can face the lying giants together, and we can renew our own minds if we've been playing the game too long, or if we've given into the illusion.  We're quite capable of anything once we find our passion, and life and living are just two primary things we should be very passionate about right about now.  

Do not let anyone steal your life, your love, your peace, or your joy. 

The revolution is upon us.  

Be the love.  Be the peace.  Be the change.  Be the light.

This is the good news ~*~


*  *  *