Monday, July 28, 2014


It's been a great, little while since I've written, but I've been really well.  I hope this finds you well also and I hope you enjoy the video I posted.  I just stumbled upon it (HA - as if), and it just so eloquently delivers a mirror into my soul.  I need to move to Hawaii.  Don't be surprised if I do.  I've been to Kauai and I'm just yearning to go back, more than ever.  This just kind of clinched it for me.  Reiki is pretty popular there (everywhere) and if I could find a job there - poof.  Watch me.

Well, why not?  I've got nothing to lose and I really have the limitless sky holding me back.  And, if you're going to start over, why not in paradise?  Oh no, it really is.  Turtles, whales, beaches, rain forests, hawaiian culture and love.  It's America, only paradise.  It's on my list - and as they say, be careful because your worst nightmare comes true in the end...that's why, my worst nightmare is retiring somewhere on one of the islands of Hawaii.  Why not?  After this past Winter...

Some seasons are colder than others and spiritually speaking, the Winter of my soul is over.  This I know.  I am heading for warmer seasons.  I feel it.  Either way, I'm finding grace to be the order of the day and complete trust.  Well, the other way around really.  First, I completely trust and then the grace of God meets me and lifts up my heavy chin toward bluer skies.  Truer skies.  I'm liberated.  I don't have to work at it.  Effortless and easy becomes the awakening.  And, what a great peace and deep knowing in "all is well", and "all is as it should be".  I just keep showing up, meditating, praying, and setting healing intentions and know I am venturing into the manifestation territory of my future and dreams.  I know I am stepping into that which God has carved out for me.  I've heard that in my spirit many times.  I know that the more I listen and the more I yield, the more God will lead.  That really becomes the effortless and easy part.

I gave a Reiki lecture recently to some beautiful students of Bergen Community College, and I've been practicing Reiki regularly.  I also aquired my Akashic Record Certification at a long weekend workshop.  I've come a long way - or should I say, Spirit has led me a long way.  Yes.  Yes, that's what I will say. 

Glory to the Most High God, who lives and reigns and has Her being in me.  I'm so looking forward again.  It's been a while since I've really felt the lightness and hope of that sentiment.  I deserve it.  Just me, just the way I am.  I AM. 

love love love