Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Clarity Would Disagree

If you think you've seen the ocean because you stand at the water's edge, think again.  Perhaps you've sailed across the open sea communing with whales and sea birds, do you think to yourself, 'now, I have seen the ocean, now, I have seen the sea'?  What if you've only flown over the oceans, from land to land, would that perspective be the one?  One glorious sunny day, you swim with dolphins and snorkel with sea turtles and sting rays, does your mind satisfy the heart and say, 'I've seen this before'? And, sitting at a fancy restaurant, the waiter brings you a fresh sea bass dinner, do you think you know fish now?

The mind is quick to relay a complete compilation of perspective in unfathomable time.  It is so convincing.  The mind can take any story, any image, any thought, any thing and create an epic masterpiece of illusion.

Even the best of us can become hypnotized by the confusion with which the mind presents its stories.  The best actors and actresses are portrayed on the stage in the mind way before a toe has ever graced a stage.  What of all this drama?  What of all this chaos?  We channel it outward to space, to thin air, to each other, to our children, to everything with very little concern of the result.  We are so sure of what we see.  We are so sure of what we feel.  We are so sure.

Clarity would disagree.

In my own personal journey, in my own personal mind, I have been disillusioned.  I have been hoodwinked.  Scammed.  I have believed the epic story teller's tale of woe, fear and defeat.  I have reaped the minds suffering of repeated dwellings, deep caverns of discontent and discord.  I have believed others' stories too.  I have believed the media.  I have believed merchandise.  I have believed that which has no soul.  The mind is soulless.  The mind is conflicted, quick to reverse its ego serving hard drive.  The mind is a tool that can malfunction.  The mind can be manipulated.  It is one of the human souls' routing systems of all we have the potential to become, but the mind has to be controlled, corralled, soothed and calmed.  The only thing that soothes the mind is the human taking control of it.  And, might I add, if you don't control your mind, someone else will.  Perhaps just an archetype run a muck, or perhaps it's someone else like government, or pharma.  It is much harder to control that which you do not understand.  Knowledge is truly power here.

It's been a long 40 years for me in the desert of my mind.  Unlike the seas and oceans depth, my mind just stretched across for miles in the dust of scorpions.  I am referring to the process that I allowed my mind to take when navigating my world.  Sure, we all have issues, or past experiences, or things that have happened to us that we carry.  We all do.  And sure, some of us are more aware than others even convincing themselves that they're doing something different, finding a better solution, a more profitable outcome, but the results speak volumes.  You are what you think you are, and I am what I think I am.

And, all of that is subject to change in a flash, like a comet streaming across the sky illuminating the shadows and dust that transcends.  Give in to it.  Allow.  Stop resisting.  Only silence and meditation can lead the way through the noisy hallways and persistent sign posts showing choices always, but definitives never.  Courage.  It takes courage to look within and to cultivate truth and integrity in a society that is dead set against your freedom.  My freedom.  I choose to carry my dust pan around on the inside and tidy up.  I'm clearing out, with love, that which no longer serves me.  With respect and gratitude, I silence fear and reach for trust.  You are welcome to sift my ashes to find your own peace.  The grains of sand have much to say and I gladly share, only asking you to use your own discernment, your own souls' affinity for truth, when seeking answers.   Seek your own sands of truth.   Truth wins, hands down.

"What is truth?" retorted Pilate. With this he went out again to the Jews gathered there and said, "I find no basis for a charge against him.'

Isn't it interesting that the bible depicts Pilate questioning what truth is?  He is asking from his mind what truth is and then, from his heart he testifies to the truth of that hour, of that Great Man and Teacher Jesus, "I find no basis for a charge against him.", and they crucified him, first with their minds, and afterward their hearts bled.

Oh, that discernment could have formed itself out of dust and ashes and testified to all of us....  Oh, wait.  it did.  Jesus certainly came in truth, died in truth and testified from his heart, truths that will serve mankind until man is kind, kind to ourselves and then, kind to each other.

I am cultivating a kinder mind now.  I am serving a Higher Master now.  No longer will I serve the will of the mind, but the mind will serve my will.  I am the Master.  For this purpose we have come.  We have come into existence to experience the fullness of life and that is love, not drama, not struggle, not a lot of things.  You decide.  I am and I have.    ~*~