Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Cherish The Day

I cherish the day and deep breaths that I find myself taking.

I feel like I've been working non-stop, and it's such good work that I can't and won't complain. Truth be told, I have nothing to complain about and why should I be looking for something to complain about? I'm healthy, I'm working, I'm prayerful, I'm alive...funny how our society can be so bitter that we look for the problems instead of the blessings.

If we spent more time focused on blessings and light, we wouldn't even notice or realize that there were any problems. I've been working my whole life on one thing or another, but I don't think I've ever enjoyed it more now. Perspective perhaps.

God knew what I needed way before I did because I landed in quite a sweet spot. I really do have what I have because God has given it to me. I will always give God the glory for all things in my life, good and maybe not so good. Bad? Nah. Challenges? Yes, definitely. Some seem quite insurmountable, "seem" being the operative word here.

Things are always only what they 'seem' to be, so why shouldn't I see them as moveable?

I believe that all things are possible through Christ, through the light of God, through the universal life force energy that we are, so I believe that nothing is impossible.

I realize with that thought process, it's much easier to 'cherish the day'. Most people do not think this way I've come to find and I'm not quite sure why not, but speaking only for myself, I do have a large amount of faith in that which I cannot see.

Scripture says that to each a portion shall be given and I think it's important to respect that portion and develop it into more. So, through my portion of faith I truly believe that I can make a difference. I truly believe that I can manifest anything that I want if I work hard enough at it and if God is in it and for it. If God be for me, who (or what) can be against me?

In my life, I can testify that if God was in it - my path was made straight and direct. Sometimes miraculously so, especially with this most recent acquisition of blessings in my life. Just a humble job, but is there really any such thing?


For me, I imagine it, envision it, feel and sense it - it's there if I want it to be - the possibility that is and when I focus on that and play with that - the universe and God get in line with it and bless my circumstances to bring that which I am manifesting into reality. Can you hear me?

The rest? Well, there are many parameters when it comes to the power of attraction but let's just say that if you need a friend, and you envision a friend, and you pray for a friend, you just might get one.

I overcome and I learn so much about myself in the process of dreaming, hoping, growing and learning some hard life lessons. I've always had growing pains, I've been here before and I'll be here again as long as I have the desire to be the best I can be in my spirit first, my mind second and my body last, but certainly not least (and I know that on some level all things are equal).

I realize that refining is a continual process and because things have changed so drastically for me in my personal life recently, I know from experience and living this faith filled life that there is so much more that I can't see that I'm growing into, that I'm manifesting, that God is giving to me.

I believe in balance. I won't be afraid.

Life is what you make of it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Light The Way

I took a long ride recently with some good friends down to West Virginia. It was a fun trip although the weather was horrendous. We've had so much rain here in New Jersey and we thought if we went south it would be better. It wasn't.

It pretty much rained the whole time we were there, but on the way back home, this appeared in the sky.

Coincidence? I doubt it very highly. I see rainbows everywhere all the time. Rainbows, shooting stars, miraculous wonders of God's mercies and love reminding me that I am not alone, there is hope, there is an amazing power source available to all if they only embrace it.

I am living my life embracing that which brings light and illumines and I saw this as a direct sign to my heavy heart.

You know I've had a rough time of it, who hasn't? But, I'm looking forward toward that which guides me toward righteousness, love, peace, kindness, calmness, humbleness, even-mindedness, balance, centerdness and I'm hoping that this sign is the beginning of things turning around for the better.

Change is at the door.

I have a new job. I am considering moving, where? I'm not sure yet. I am considering changing just about everything in my life - except - my foundation. My love of God, and my love of love will never change. Or at least I should say, if it does change it shall change for the better. With God and love there is always growth and healing - the kind of change we embrace even if it hurts a little bit...after all, when the rain stops and the sun comes out, amazing things can happen.

This light that shines is not just for me, it is for you too. I can see it in your eyes if I look closely enough and I pray that you can see it mine.

Genesis 9:13
I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.