Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The 'I'm Taking America Back' Challenge

We have traversed this path many, many times and each time we pass, the Universe is hopeful that we will be travelling lighter, each and every time.  Fall has come once again and it seems, almost a little too quickly for us northern New Jersians, who just endured one of the toughest Winters we can recall.  But, we made it nonetheless, and with the seasonal changes come the consumerism nightmares.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for fun and laughter, warmth and gift giving, but we, here in the Western world, have taken this to a whole 'nother level and it's really quite despicable.  Even the terrorists wait for us to fill the malls and stores so they can take as many of us out as possible, but we keep showing up, year after year, no matter what.

This country is in dire straits.  Our soldiers are fighting so many unknown, unfamiliar, unnamed and named enemies and they're losing their lives.  They fight for our freedom, so, what?  So we can continue in funding the corruption that is in charge?

Most Americans are aware of what's happening.  Most Americans are horrified by what has happened to our beautiful country.  However, most Americans are still acting as if nothing is happening.  They are still buying more than they need, throwing away what should be recycled, taking medicines and vaccines that kill, eating poisonous food EVERYDAY, polluting, and turning a blind eye, which makes it that much harder for the rest of us.

I just came back from grocery shopping and while I understand organic, or farm fresh food, is more expensive than mainstream food, is it that difficult to see what long term usage of these tainted GMO products will lead to?  Haven't we all seen enough of the pharmaceutical business solutions to our health concerns?   I mean, seriously....is anyone paying attention?

I am a cancer survivor.  After having gone through a few weeks of radiation and hearing that a 'nutritionist' was coming to visit with me, I was excited, thinking I was going to get an inside track on what NOT to eat.  That was laughable as her job was to just make sure I was still eating status quo.  Makes sense, doesn't it?

As long as you continue to buy, buy, buy - change will not happen.

When my grandparents ruled the world, we had a much simpler life.  Gifts were simpler.  Food was simpler.  Government was simpler.  World domination and exploitation, while it existed, was not as healthy as the fatted calf America has become.  Oh, we are ripe for the slaughter.  We are passive, we are unhealthy, and some, if not most of us are not even conscious yet.

Haven't we suffered enough as a country.  Haven't we been attacked and lost enough?  How many more of our children need to suffer?  How many more?

How will you address these issues this HOLIDAY season?  Will you continue to fund the blind eye of corruption?  Will you teach your children to do the same?

I am a child of the 60's and 70's and I miss the days when Americans marched on Washington.  I miss the days when the megaphone blared on the corner with a wholesome alternative message.  I miss the days of freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.  I miss freedom period.  We are selling our souls to the devil in the name of big corporation, con agra, big pharma, big consumerism - and where would they be without us?

Indeed.  Where would they be without you?  Perhaps this year we need to send a very loud message to our government, our congress, our President, our enemies.  Perhaps America needs to get a back bone, stand up in our local communities and fight back and let Monsanto and all of these other corrupt, blood sucking, dark shadow forces know that we will not take this lying down.  I, personally, will fight for this country through my words, deeds, testimonies, and overall life long philosophy, which is love one another, do no harm, help one another, edify one another, lift others up, put others first, feed the world, pray for the world, forgive the world.

I wonder if this season will be any different.  I wonder if the American people will continue to fund what will ultimately be our demise.  If we continue on this path and look back and ask, 'how did this happen', I will be right there to tell them they chose to close their eyes on the big picture and deceive themselves into thinking their backyards were the only ones that were important.  America, wake up!  Our backyards are all attached.  We are all connected.  We are all in this together and we have the power to change everything.  We have the power to take back our country.  Just think how one million people, who decided not to spend their hard earned money this year on the latest and greatest bs gadgets, could effect the economy if they took that money and put it into a fund for resolution, not a bank mind you, but a mutual fund.  The mutual fund would be for the future of America.  Keep your money under your mattress.  Do not put it into the Federal Reserve.  Do not take out any more loans.  Do not apply for any more credit.  The system is overloaded and being cloaked in deception anyway.  We are only making them fatter and more aggressive toward us.  It's time to take our country back and it starts today.

I challenge you to do things simpler this year.  Buy less.  Do not be the one who doesn't care how it's made, what creature had to die in order for you to be warm in it, how much it costs 'cause you got it like that.  Believe me, money and power corrupt completely.  Just look around.  We have no one to blame except ourselves.  Take the 'I'm taking America back' challenge and put your money in your pocket.  Just watch and see what happens.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Believe In What You Want To See

Seeing isn't always pretty.  Seeing is sometimes the hardest thing to do when your heart is wide open.  You don't want to see everything there is to see but because of your awakening, you must.  Perception is a counter balance, of course, but even in the balance the truth of what you see, witness, get close enough to be burned by, can be alarming.  If I didn't have a spiritual life, faith, and a daily disciple of meditation, prayer and exercise, I might become overwhelmed.

Does anyone out there feel this way?

These are amazingly transformative times.  You are either aware and going with this new energy, or you are unaware, perhaps still self absorbed by the ego and believing in the old status quo, the old paradigm.  If you are the former, bravo, you've found your path, keep going.  If you are the latter, there is still plenty of time to get onboard and change your life for the better, raise your vibration, and create more peace on the planet.

The fundamental questions remain, "What is your life really all about"?  "Why are you here"?  "What is your true purpose"?  Perhaps you've already answered these questions sufficiently in your life and you are pursuing all of your dreams with passion and determination.  Perhaps you've had a spiritual encounter or awakening that catapulted you to the next 'spiritual level' and you are now reaping a harvest and gathering the fruit thereof.  Perhaps you've only just started to question your purpose and you haven't got a clue.  Perhaps you really don't care and just want to play video games.  Welcome to the club.  We're all in this mix somewhere.  We've all been on one overlapping path after the other.  This is the human learning experience and one of the keys to a good learning experience is to be asking the questions.  There are no wrong questions.  Just keep asking them of yourself, of each other, of Spirit, of Almighty God.  The answers most definitely come to the heart that is searching.  Test the answers.  Listen carefully and make sure you're not spinning the answer to keep you exactly where you are.  Accept the truth and know that sometimes (most times) it's not what you think.   Keep the faith and keep tapping into the quest for more knowledge.  You, just like me, will not be disappointed.  A true and pure heart searching for the truth will surely not search in vain.  You will, indeed, find more and see more than you could ever have imagined.

Yes seeing is great especially in a world seemingly so blind to the damage that it does.  The opposite of that is also true.  The way this paradigm is set up, it is completely blind to the good that the world does even more.  We have a skewed perception due to the media and the information we absorb when in fact, if we tapped into the spiritual perspective, we would see things very differently.  There is good in the world, quite a lot of it.  And rest assured, someone is keeping track.  The world and the way it exists should tell us that history can be read through many, many divine and natural sources.  The truth will always be revealed and you will know the truth when you see it.

So now that you're asking the questions and receiving answers through life experience, repeated lessons, prayer, and meditation, what do we do with all that we see?

Pray.  Pray for the world to be peaceful.  Pray for the hungry to be fed.  Pray for the blind to see.    Pray for the weak to be strengthened.  Pray for the lonely to be comforted.  Pray for the sick to be healed.  Pray for the wicked to be enlightened.  Pray for our enemies.  Pray for the suffereing that the Holy Spirit would minister to them.  Pray until you fall asleep from exhaustion and when you arise, pray some more.

If you can see what I can see, the world needs healers, prayer warriors, and spiritual leaders willing to pray the human race into the most amazing revolution the world has ever seen.  Love will change the world.  Love will heal the world.  Love will cover a multitude ... and let's stop and look at that for a minute.  I emphasize that a record is being kept....and the Scripture I'm quoting above - love COVERS a multitude of sins.  Why would it need to be covered if in our sinful nature we purposely covered it?  Who can see it?  Who can see the wrong things we do in the shadow?  ~*~

There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.  There are no tears that will not be wiped away or any heartache that will not be mended.  These healings are happening, in the here and now.  You need not wait.  If you want to see clearly, seek clarity.  If you want to see with eyes of compassion, seek compassion.  If you want to see the love of humanity, seek the source of all love, the Spirit of Love itself.  You will not be disappointed when, with practice, your seeing eyes and your perception will reach a most effective level.

Pray for what you see, hope for what you cannot.