Wednesday, November 16, 2016

We Feel Our Way

I am such a sentimental, romantic, idealistic dreamer.  I absolutely love unconditional love.  I don't always understand the lack of it and that has shaken me to the core.

Understanding that life is a mystery brings unconditional love to a majestic place.  It just stands alone and yet it touches and emanates from every soul to some extent, or another.  Not everyone is comfortable with unconditional love.  They think it must be conditional.  They think that because deep down they do not unconditionally love themselves and it shows.  It's quite evident.  

If you truly understand that love exists in your darkest shadows, then you are standing in your full power especially when you soothe those shadows with more love.  It's a process of evolution and the shadow is the best place to start.  But, most will not go there.  Most believe it will be too painful, or  just believe there is no need.  They believe that it's okay to feel badly, everybody is doing it.  But, it's not okay.  Who wants to feel badly all the time about anything?

Love is always the elixir for me.  Finding beauty and being able to transmute anything that isn't serving the highest level of my existence to love becomes the game I play avidly.  It really is a game and we can become quite proficient at it.  But, it begins and ends with self love.

Listen to the song I posted below and look lovingly at yourself.  Can you?  Can you stare, or do you need to look away?  Why?  What is it?   How do you feel when you see your reflection?  How do you feel when you see your body?  How do you feel when you look outside of yourself at your relationships?  Are you truthful?  Honest?  Loving?  Or, do you pretend?

Honesty lets the love light in but consciousness is the first to arrive, flipping the switch to have a look see.  If you don't like what you see, do not judge.  Soothe with love.  Accept.  Forgive.  Be kind to yourself.  Watch your self chatter.  Watch you chatter about others.  Are you bitter?  Are you jealous?  Are you judgmental?  Are you sarcastic and cynical?

It's okay if you are and if you love the way this thinking makes you feel.  It's okay if your philosophy is making others happy and kinder.  But, if your thinking creates more static, more negativity, more disconnection, than perhaps a little unconditional love is what you need.

Just sit and take a deep breath.  Do not judge yourself, or anyone else.  Just be.  Allow.  Become the non-attached observer and see all that there is to see.  Perspective is important here.  Looking through a straw at the world will allow only the tiniest bit of light to flow but broaden your view and compassion will surely arrive in tall order.

Non-attached is the operative word here.  This means no judgement.  Just observe.  Watch the mind and how it calculates many outcomes.  These are just options.  You always get to choose from the menu.  The mind is a computer but the heart...the heart is a love pumping machine.  Connect these two and then look at your options again.  

How do you feel?  The goal is to feel good, inside and out.  The goal is to make others feel good in your presence.

Surely looking through the eyes of non-judgment and unconditional love for self first is key.  Doing your own healing work and raising your vibration to the highest level possible will resonate out into and back out of the multiverse.  

You are emitting a frequency for sure.  

Make sure it's the best possible frequency you can emit.  

I choose love.  I always choose love.  But, if you know a better way, I am open to hearing about it.

Keepers of Light and Love
written by Maria L. Gattuso

We understand love songs
and love letters
and long
drawn out goodbyes

We understand the hand 
that never shakes
never touches
never feels

The tips of fingers revel in their knowing
to feel is to live
they understand what
touching a beating heart can do

All the while 
the busy mind tries to figure it all out
 in a pdf file format
repeating what it has heard until we gain control

Our light and love eternally, easily and effortlessly
soothe and comfort
the soul's knowing
 and it is truth unto itself

Breath is damp and purposeful
It is born in the darkness and 
expels in the light of creation
It is born and born again

Like the truth on our lips, 
the sound of
our alchemic magic
our resonance

But who is speaking
what is going
to and from 
miraculous spirit humans

Who is willing 
to understand these mysteries
 Who is willing 
to dive into their own depth to see

Surely this knowing is holy
to the keepers of light and love
Surely this wanting is stored
in the bliss of your own holy kiss

It is all stored holy in our void 
 It is all stored holy in our love for this life
It is stored holy in our light of day always
We just have to want to wake up to the perfection of it

It is good to breathe in love, 
It is good to love one another and 
It is good to feel our way
to exhale love unconditionally


Monday, November 14, 2016

The Soul Purpose: Learning to Fly

You can walk, or you can fly.  The choice has always been yours.  

Me?  I have been running and flying my whole life and I'm only just now getting really good at it.  I finally know what it feels like to soar and feel really good for no apparent reason except that I exist in the here and now.  I have learned not to attach my joy to anyone, or anything, except myself.  Don't get me wrong, other people, places and things are wonderful but without the proper mindset, all of those things can fall sour.  I just decided not to give my power away anymore to anything outside of myself.  I am choosing me and my power first.  

I have become an avid Energy Reader through the dismantling of my own energy system. We are one and while our experiences are unique, the energy system is pretty standard across the board.  There is vibration and there is resonance and regardless of where you are, energetically speaking, your vibration and resonance are detectable.  Surely you have felt your own energy, as well as everyone else's, but perhaps you did not make the distinction between the two.  

Reiki works in the very same regard.  Inflammation, illness, disease, sadness, anxiety, resentment, bitterness, depression, hopelessness, etc., all live in the body and emit a very low vibrating frequency that most times will eventually lead to even more serious illness.   A Reiki Master Healer just needs to be familiar with these energies, or have had been in the vicinity of them to detect and move them out of the body.  Qi is the propellant coupled with intention and a system that is clear, grounded and emitting light frequency.  I have worked exceedingly hard to obtain this ability which anyone can obtain if they are willing to do the self work.  It's not easy.  I'd be lying if I said it were.  It is some of the hardest work I have ever done.  But, it is by far the most rewarding because after healing myself, I am able to use this knowledge and experience to heal others, and that makes all the woe worth while.

Learning to fly is all about navigating your life.  As long as you are living a happy, peaceful, healthy, prosperous, adventurous, and love filled life, you are emitting a frequency of energy that lifts up the world, and you should absolutely share that!  The world is in desperate need of really good healers (great healers Masters the Art of healing themselves first) and if you have any interest in pursuing the Healing Arts, I highly recommend it.  Will you heal the world?  No.  There are 7 billion peeps on this planet and most of them are not even conscious, but you will heal yourself and that's the only place to start.  The knowledge and healing you gain will indeed effect the world, and everyone in it, so go for it.  Teach yourself how to fly.

BTW, let me know if I can help you.

Maria Lynn