Monday, February 6, 2017

A Rebel Grows in the Garden

My life is always a little sweet and a little savory, a little sour and a little salty, a whole lotta hot and a whole lotta cold.  You know it.  You experience all the textures, just like I do.  Some feel better than others, at least that's what we tell ourselves.  Truth is, it's all fucking beautiful!  All of it.

When you observe life through the unrestricted lens of the "non-attached observer", and judgment and criticism goes by the wayside, it's a pretty beautiful view.  Arrogance, fear and control also can not exist on this plane.  The only thing that exists is, trusting in All That Is.  And, "All That Is" is beautiful.

Come on up to the mountain top (this is a real place of peace within).  Sit.  Breathe deeply.  Softly gaze at all there is to see.  I spend most of my time here now.  I now navigate my life from this perspective.  It's taken my whole life to get here and I loved every step.  It has been an amazing climb.  There were plenty of times I thought I wouldn't make it.  There were plenty of times the thought of quitting occurred to me.  But I never quit.  I had a lot of help!  I asked, pleaded and prayed for help, strength and guidance and by the grace of God, and by my sheer will, I persevered.

Needless to say, I shall not be going back down any time soon.  I'm going to enjoy this warm mOment for now.

Close your eyes.  Look and breathe from your heart.

There is a mighty tender view here, a most holy circumstance.  The only things that exist here are you and now, your beating heart, your breath, your incredible capacity and ability to see and deeply love all of creation, with your intention.  Source is also here doing the same thing, loving the whole of creation.  Through you, in you and about you, Source (God, Jesus, Great Spirit, Creator - the One who has many names and no name) is, always was and ALWAYS will be.

Breathe all of that in.  This is a really beautiful place to see.  I love seeing from this view.

There is still plenty of time to be all that you came here to be.  It only takes a mOment to lean into the softness of the magic soul soil again, to come down from fearful, lofty illusions and climb into one of the inner, soulful mountains of trust and deep knowing.  Look again with the eyes of your inner child who smiles towards the Cosmos that you are.  Take one purposeful step up inside toward peace again.  Lean your whole life and soul in this time.  It's deeper, wider and higher than you remember.  It's more than what you thought from that old, arrogant perspective.  It's always more real and vibrant than we give it credit for.  It never dulls.  It always shines.  It's light after all.  And, LIGHT is more you than you are you.

Look up with hands in the soil of your life again.  You are planting a beautiful garden of memories and stories, successes and failures, beliefs, myths, reasons, patterns, and programs.  This is the technology of your life.  You can become a proficient and skilled Master of this technology.  All the keys and directives are deep within.  Yup!  Sure you can read inspiring and very thought provoking materials, but the Godhead, Source, Light, Spark of Divinity lies deep within.  You must go within.  There are mountains (beautiful mountains that your soul deeply knows and desires to return to, more than anything) of love just waiting for you but it does take some beautiful effort getting to, otherwise we'd all be here together by now.  There is an exchange for information.  You lean in, you put forth the effort, you sweat a little, you climb a little, and you get way more in return than you could have ever bargained for.

You know with just a little sincere introspective, a key (code, instruction, idea) will be given to you.  A key, when used, will unlock the next part of the path that leads to the most amazing love vistas and love plateaus.  It's all about expanding consciousness and connecting to your Creator on a very deep and very spiritual level.

You probably have some keys lying around the house just begging to be used.  You may have thought they were useless, you know the ones;  forgiveness, unconditional love, non-judgement, service to others, selflessness, kindness, goodness.  Perhaps they didn't shine just right, or perhaps they were tiny and seemed insignificant.  Perhaps you were concerned about what others would think of you if you used them.  So what?!  Who cares what others think?  (The Ego that's who, but that's a chakra of a different color ;).  Use them.  Use those keys!!  You must.  They are precious gifts.  They are precious alchemy.  Not one should ever be wasted.  And, no new keys are given until all keys are used anyway, so if you're stuck, and you cannot move forward, go find the key that opens up the door that seems to be blocking your progress.

It's just cosmic sense.

This is all about becoming the peaceful, loving, light Source energy being that you truly are.  Whenever we go in the opposite direction, there is a real drag of energetic frequency.  You feel it.  Everybody does.  Vibe up.  Breathe.  Smile.  You got this.

Remember, it's much easier leaning into happiness than holding onto an energetic grudge of any kind.  It takes much more energy and effort to do the latter, so embrace the former and let it go!  Then you will truly be "going with the flow" of energy in it's most natural and most powerful state.  Just be sure to clean up the energetic residual with a ritual, i.e., a sincere conversation to 'clear the air', apologies,  forgivenesses, hugs and sincere desires to move forward from a healthy, supportive place, sage, palo santo, etc..  Healthy growth happens in healthy souls and environments.  The land must always be tilled before new seeds can be planted.  Again, just cosmic sense ;) tee hee.

This beautiful life is all about becoming the master of your own vibration, the master of your own co-creations, the master of your own emotions and experiences.  No one is making you anything.  You are doing it all.  Look inside at all that you've created and if there is anything you do not particularly love, look at it again with more love this time.  Thank it and make a prayer about good change that could come to it.  Create something you love right there using the old bones of what didn't work.  Bless your creation.  Do not criticize it.  Let it be rocket fuel to your growing knowing.  Gratitude and appreciation will bless everything you do if you welcome it in and add it to your garden.

Our lights surely shine together.  We can root new seeds of passion in this beautiful light, a much higher truth.  We can unite and we can root new seeds of kindness, becoming and growing into so much more together.

This is my vision of beauty and love.  I love peace.  I love beauty and I love love (I also love gardening lol!).  What else can I say?  This is what I have become.

What are you becoming?

Oh, and I couldn't have gotten here without a rebellious attitude.  It's been too much for many, and not enough for some.  It's been just right for me.

Here's a rebellious video for you below.  You've probably seen it before, and I just love it.  I am not the status quo.  God forbid.  No, heaven did not make me that way.  Put it this way, I love vanilla ice cream, but there is nothing vanilla about me.