Friday, October 29, 2010

Give, Give, Give

Summer 2010 came and went so fast, I can't even believe it. It's already Halloween and retail stores are clearly focused on getting through that and heading straight into their busiest, most profitable season, Christmas.

I just want my Summer back.

I really am a Summer baby. The sun hits my face and it makes me stop, pause, breathe deeply.

Winter tends to draw me into myself futher...a hibernation of flesh, body and spirit if you will. I really need another Summer right now. It's been such a stressful year and Winter promises, based on today's winds and leaf blowing, to be long, dark and cold. I pray it's not lonely too. That, can be too much to bare sometimes and I do get lonely, even with all my work and socializing. Do you ever feel like that?

That's why it's so important to surround yourself with people that understand and get you. Recognize the spirit of a person that is negative, or compulsively selfish, or self loathing, or all of it. They may tend to take you down with them if you're ill prepared.

There are a lot of good people struggling right now, for various reasons.  Praying for one another, lifting each other up, going out of our way for our neighbor...these are the types of things that are edifying and worthwhile.

Try not to pay too close attention to what someone else has and what you lack. Be grateful for all that you have, for your clarity, for your ability to help your neighbor.  If you look closely at you're life, you will see that you are richly blessed and have more than enough and probably enough to help someone else in need.

Everyone needs friends, family, and a community to share and communicate with. Reach out into yours.  Help the homeless.  Help the hungry.  Share your wealth and knowledge and prayers and time. 

Give, give, give.

It all comes back to you in the end.