Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's a Beautiful Day

When you wake up in the morning, I hope you realize that your life is starting all over again. With every awakening you are that much closer but you are also getting a mulligan. You are getting a chance to do it all over again, better, wiser, stronger and more confidently than the day before. Hopefully you are keeping notes and remembering and forgetting all at the same time. Hopefully you are not judging tomorrow because of yesterday. Hopefully you are living in today and not tomorrow. Hopefully you are present breathing in the here and now of it all, and when you close your eyes to sleep and rest, you do just that. You rest and renew and restore so that in the brand new shinyness of the morning you too can shine. That's what mornings are for. That's who mornings are for.

Have you ever noticed that most mornings start off with a huge bang? Sure they're mostly quiet and serene except for that explosive ball of firey, eye-blinding light in the sky. It is far from quiet and serene yet we gain a sense of calm from it. On the contrary, our sun is pure fire burning, endlessly flaring and exploding, forever cascading heat and warmth, growth, light, and yet a constant miraculous, mysterious comfort. What should we make of this? Well, we should probably at the least be 'all in' when we wake up in the morning. Pay attention tomorrow when you wake up. Are you replaying what happened last night, yesterday, last week, or heaven forbid, last year? Are you waking up replaying all your failures and failed efforts only to feel defeated before your feet even touch the floor? Is your all consuming fire full of the desire to warm, grow, light and comfort the world or is your all consuming fire just about out and smoldering in ashes? Perhaps it's time for some self evaluation. Perhaps you need to go outside and sit in the sunshine and ponder it's existence, let it warm you and coax you into a growth spurt. Perhaps a little poderance of life's mysteries is called for.

With every day that passes and with every morning my eyes open, I am amazed at the reality that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I am definetly not where I was yesterday and I have no idea where I will be tomorrow. I do not have my life figured out so definitively as of yet. I used to. I used to have big plans steeped in my desires but plans change just like the weather especially when your plans include other people. Sometimes people change their minds. The constant though, is the creator. I am the constant creator in my life and I can destroy and create my reality at will.

That's my current realization.

It took a nudge from my Qi-gong healer to get my psyche to let go of the dread conditioning that unfortunately permeates everything and most everyone lately. I had my feet planted firmly in defeat and didn't even realize it. In my most recent session, I acted like a spoiled child who couldn't see that the cookies were right there in front of me. I couldn't see the cookies were right there in front of me because my eyes were closed shut. I was unable to grasp the notion that the cookies were RIGHT THERE. Why? Because I had allowed myself to believe that 'this was as good as it gets'. What a bunch of rubbish.

It wasn't until the appointed time when my healer worked his 'magic' that I could see clearly again. The reset button didn't exist prior to that session in my mind. It absolutely existed though, I mean, we live in a Universe of abundance and infinite possibilities but I couldn't or wouldn't be open to it...yet. 
However, once the illumination began, the scales fell from my eyes, the weight lifted, I had a renewed sense of life and possibilities. Right before that though - all's I could say was 'No!, No!, No!' Silly little girl.

How is it that someone like me who is on a quest for light and Spirit and all things God, be sound asleep?

Well, I'm not really. The truth is I am on a quest.

God knows what I seek and He also knows what I need to know. As I wake up every morning I have a sincere desire to be better than I was yesterday, to honor the light and love and God inside of me, to honor all of that in all of you, and to be the best I can be. God knows that. The Angels know that. The Universe knows that. All of us are conspiring to make all of this happen. What I desire I am a magnet to. All that I concentrate on becomes larger. Therefore, all that I seek I will find. It's the most basic of effective equations but you have to be open to the answers. Please don't assume you have anything figured out. Once you do that you are putting sleeping pills in your mouth and then you're sleepwalking, talking and making sense to only everyone else who is asleep, but the truly present know better. They recognize a sleeping human. If invited, they gently nudge them awake, give them a shot of sunshine and promise them that the blue skies are real and so are the butterflies.

Life is magical.

Don't fall back to sleep and believe that it's all doom and gloom. Would a butterfly ever come out of its cocoon if anyone ever told it that?

I am in awe of this life, this hollogram, this human experience as Spirit. I am thrilled that God has graced this Spirit with a body to navigate this dimension. (There are many dimensions my friends.) I am a very curious being and I have learned to unlearn everything I've ever known about this life and I have been reset back to core which is child-like bliss, curiosity, creation, love, kindness, playfullness, and mysteriousness. You wanna play?